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My real name is Esther, but on the Internet I am known as ESCARA. I am retired, or rather actively retired. I live in Switzerland near Lake Zurich, in the Zurich Oberland.

I love our beautiful Swiss mountains and enjoy being in nature hiking or biking; I am member of a gospel choir, I learn to play blues harp and Steel Tongue Drum; I love porcelain painting and drawing Zentangles. I enjoy being with friends, having a good meal and a glass of wine.

By unfortunate circumstances I was forced to look for an indoor hobby years ago. So I threw myself into the vastness of the WWW. I like a challenge and decided to learn how to work with the graphics program PHOTOSHOP CS5, which is totally fascinating. I love to edit photos using textures or manipulate and compose them. Scrapbooking is my latest passion.

Fractal programs like Ultra Fractal and Apophysis inspired me as well, because you can master these programs without any knowledge of mathematics.

At the same time I started taking photos. My favourite camera is an SLR CANON 600D EOS, and a Nikon Coolpix P7800 is my constant companion. Attending a course given by Kim Klassen, Canada, I discovered still life photography, which became my passion.

Next I had the wish to have my own homepage. In 2005 my first Escara-Feelings went online. After ten years, in May 2016, it was time for something new and I created this new website. At the same time my blog Escara's Fotoprojekte (Photo projects) was born.

A few writers asked me to help design their books by illustrating them with photos. I am proud that I was allowed to design the header for dear Christa of Zitante's HP.

All links can be found on my blog.

After the death of my dear husband in 2005, our cat Caruso had the biggest place in my heart. For twelve wonderful years we lived happily together. But suddenly everything changed! In August 2017, with a heavy heart, I had to let Caruso cross the Rainbow Bridge; a malignant tumor left him no chance for a longer life. The pain of parting was unbearable although I knew I was relieving him from suffering. I still miss him very much!

> Caruso photo gallery  


It took many months for me to decide to get another cat. I was very lucky to find a beautiful and dearest cat from an animal shelter. My new darling’s name is Bijou, a very lovely cat lady.

> Bijou photo gallery


If you liked my site, I would be very happy about your commenting in my guestbook.

Kind regards  Esther

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